About us

1st Academy of Dance has been established since November 1999, from which Amy Jarrett (the Principal) has devoted all her time and energy into developing the modern form of dance combined with its traditional values and introduce this to the younger generation.


1st Academy of Dance offers classes in Imperial Classical Ballet, Modern theatre, Tap, Street Dance, Acrobatic Arts, Zumba and Zumbini. Most classes progress through a Grade system in which the Child develops His/ Her technique through taking the appropriate examination for their age and ability. We are proud to hold 100% successful pass rate in all Examinations.


Many students have taken part in numerous competitions and festivals over the years, which have given them the chance to perform in front of large audiences and grow with confidence.


  • Search for a Star – County competition held in Norwich

      Runners up –              2004 (Junior Section)

      Winners –                   2005 (Junior Section)

      Winners –                   2006 (Junior Section)

      Winners -                    2007 (Junior Section)


   ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ 2007 Auditioned in London


  • Cromer Festival & All England Festival Committee


2003 - 2016

Many students perform in various dance festivals around the county. Gaining high marks and have been place to qualify for the ‘All England Dance Festival’ in Welwyn Garden City


  • Various Academy Production


2000 – ‘That’s Entertainment

2002 -  ‘Dance Mania’

2004 – ‘Burn the Floor

2005 -  ‘Dance Energy’

2007 – ‘Star Maker’

2009 – ‘The Beat goes on’

2010 – ‘Dance of the Decade’

2011 -  'Starlight'

2012 -  'Dance Fusion'

2013 - 'Winter Wonderland'

2015 - 'Musicality'

2017 - 'Floor Fillers'

2019 - '20th Anniversary'


Many dance teachers have been trained as professional dancers. A professional career can be relatively short; therefore, many performers turn to teaching to pass on their knowledge and skills they have acquired through years of experience. When studying to become a qualified teacher it is necessary to receive suitable training from recognised institutions, such as the (I.S.T.D.)


Dance offers each and every child the chance to express oneself through the wonderful art of physical activity, which enhances physical anfd mental discapline perfectly. It also encourages children to become more aware of their surroundings, giving self - confidence along with good posture.